Friday, August 15, 2008

Windows Vista Enterprise

Optimized for the enterprise, this version will be a true superset of Windows Vista Business. It will also include unique features such as Virtual PC, the multi-language user interface (MUI), and the Secure Startup/full volume encryption security technologies ("Cornerstone"). There is no analogous XP version for this product. This version is aimed at business decision makers, IT managers and decision makers, and information workers/general business users. Vista Enterprise will be offered exclusively through Software Assurance.

The marketing message: Vista Enterprise provides an advanced application compatibility solution that will be crucial to many large business users, can be deployed to multiple language locales using a single image, and provides Secure Startup functionality for the ultimate in security on the go. It is the client OS that is optimized for the enterprise. Vista Enterprise reduces IT cost and complexity by providing tools that protect company data, reduce the number of required disk images, and ensure the compatibility of legacy applications.

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