Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shrink a partition in vista

If you have created one or more partitions on your hard drive and a few months later you think the partition in your hard drive has to be a bit smaller, it is possible in Vista to shrink them. You can do this even with a 'system partition'.

How to shrink a partition?

Step 1:
Click with your right mouse button on 'Computer' and then click 'manage'.
The next screen is shown.

Windows Vista Computer Management

In this screen you click in the left pane on 'Disk Management' below 'Storage'.
Then the next screen is shown.

Windows Vista Computer Management

Now you see all your partitions which you have created. To shrink a partition you simple right click on the partition and in the menu which appears you click 'Shrink Volume'.
The next screen is then shown.

Windows Vista Shrink Volume

Here you can enter the amount of space to shrink in MB.

If there is empty space available behind the partition there is also the possibility to extend the the partition using the option 'Extend Volume'.
There one thing you can not do. You can not move a partition or extend it with an empty space which is in front of a partition.

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