Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Windows 7 Sales rate Beyond 7 Copies per Second

This was the news I came to know about the Windows 7 sales as I was going through the net.

While undoubtedly, selling 7 copies of Windows 7 per second, "sounds" better than selling 10 copies of Windows 7 per second, the fact of the matter is that sales of the latest iteration of the Windows client are accelerating.

Less than a week ago, the Redmond company announced that Windows 7’s strong momentum was continuing, with license sales of the operating system
hitting the 175 million units milestone. At that time, the software giant was emphasizing that more than 7 copies of Windows 7 were being sold every second. Now the company revealed that the real number is closer to 10 licenses of Windows 7 being served to customers worldwide per second.

"With 175 million licenses sold to date, it is the fastest selling operating system ever, and now runs on over 15% of all PCs worldwide," revealed Peter Klein, Microsoft's chief financial officer, during an earnings call to Wall Street analysts, according to ComputerWorld.

Ahead of July 2010, Microsoft had underlined on various occasions that no less than 7 copies of the fastest selling operating system in history were going out to customers each second. For the month before the company announced the financial results for the third quarter in Fiscal Year 2010, sales of Windows 7 had in fact accelerated just a tad short of 10 licenses per second.

According to statistics released by Microsoft, over 16% of the world’s PCs were running Windows 7, at just nine months since the operating system was launched. Record sales of Windows 7 helped the Redmond company overall, with the software giant beating Wall Street estimates to generate $16.04 billion in revenue for Q3 2010, and $62.48 billion for the entire past fiscal year.

At this point in time Windows 7 is the second most used operating system worldwide, having a larger install base than Windows Vista, which was launched in early 2007. Still, there’s much to go for Windows 7 until it will at least come on par with Windows XP, in terms of market share. However, forecasts from earlier this year indicated that some 300 million copies of Windows 7 would be sold by the end of 2010. Provided that the OS will keep up the pace, XP could be dethroned by the time that Windows 8 gets here.


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