Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Windows history and future:a note in brief

The name of the operating system, which Microsoft comes up with after Windows Vista, is called Windows 7, Vienna.
Windows Vienna is the codename for the new operating system. Probably gets this new operating system a different name when it will be released.

This is also done with Windows Vista. During development of Windows Vista it has as codename, Windows Longhorn.

If Microsoft keeps its plans, then this means a return to the solid name convention of the NT-series. These series were interrupted by the names Windows 2000 (NT5), Windows XP (NT5.1) and Windows Vista (NT6).

The technical details about this operating system are only based on rumors.
But in January 2007 a Danish Microsoft employee, published a (censured meanwhile) PowerPoint presentation about this operating system.

Unfortunately this presentation only promised that this operating system only gets better: the security, the self diagnoses and the self repairing capability of the system, the intuitive controls, integrated search tool for LAN, local and internet, and the support for mobile devices.
Something which is a bit more concrete are the indications that Microsoft is thinking about build-in visualization techniques and automatic software services which will go further than the updates for its own products.

Furthermore there are rumors that this operating system will use the data system Win FS and that maybe from Windows 7, Vienna, there will be brought out only 64-bit systems.

The interface will also be changed (like it is done in every new operating system). Probably it will look something like the interface of Office 2007.

Windows 2007 until 2017

System / System part Information
Windows XP SP3 Probably just cumulative updates
Windows Vista SP1 Maybe with Fiji (the new Media Center) integrated
Windows Vista SP1 DVD
All 32/64 bit versions on one DVD
Fiji The new Media Center
Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft internet browser
React OS Alpha Open source-Windows
Windows XP end mainstream support
React OS Beta Open source-Windows
Windows 7 'Vienna'
New operating system after Vista
Windows 2000 No updates anymore
Windows Vista Home / Ultimate No updates anymore
Windows 8 New operating system after Vienna
Windows Vista Business / Enterprise No updates anymore

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