Friday, August 15, 2008

UnDeleting Shift + Del Files

I recently lost a file from my computer due to my habit of shift + deleting files which was really important. This is when I tried anything and everything to get it back. (Sadly I didn't)

Now to prevent this from happening to you here is a quick guide on how you can un-delete these files.

For people who don't know the Shift + Del function, it is a easy and fast way of deleting a file permanently from your pc without using the recycle bin. The only thing different is that its very hard to recover a shift deleted file (until now).

I have tried an endless list of programs that claim that they can "undo" the delete+ shift deleted files but most of them just flatly LIE! After searching on the web far and wide I came to the tool that is the only thing that I found did, what it said!

Symantec's Norton GoBack 4.0 is this program. You probably might be whoaing and cursing Norton and its products but trust me this one is different. With a low memory footprint of about 6 - 7 MB Norton GoBack provides an excellent way to get that accidentally deleted files!

IPB Image

When you have Go Back running restoring any file is as easy as pie! What you should look for when in the program is the "Advanced Disk Drive Restore" Function :

IPB Image

Once you click on this you will see a log of the deletions/modifications that have been going on in your system. All you have to do is look for the file you want to restore in this list, right click and select Restore Drives C: D: to this event. (Drive names may vary.)

IPB Image

Once you do that you will see this dialog box :

IPB Image

Select the Previous option and then click OK when you see this dialog box :

IPB Image

Once you do this, Norton GoBack will restart you system and when it is done restarting you wil lfind that same file you Shift + Del in the location you had deleted it from!

I have really spent a lot of time looking at utilities that do such a thing and Norton GoBack is about the only one that worked.

Note: You can only recover the files that you delete when GOBack is running, any file deleted when it is not running/installed cannot be recovered.

Hope this helped .

GoBack's Url :

Techie catch is that , the file is not deleted from the HDD , only a symbolic entry to the file is deleted [from FAT file ] and file can be recovered provided its place [ HDD sectros ] isnt given to any other file , because if it's HDD location is given to another file then it will be hard (Real hard) to recover it

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