Friday, September 18, 2009

How to customize the Save As dialog box in Windows 7

Simpli Software’s Places Utility allows users to customize the windows ‘Save As’ dialog box.

customize save as

Those who often find themselves browsing through directories in ‘Save As’ dialog to organize their downloads will benefit from this simple program.

Organizing information you download from the Internet (and other files) can be quite a chore.

The standard Save As dialog provides five starting places to save your file: History, My Documents, Desktop, Favorites, and Network.

This program helps you customize these 5 locations easily. You may have to Run it as Administrator. Works on Windows Vista too.


How to password protect use of any application in Windows.

There may be reasons where you may want to restrict use of certain application. While we have already mentioned how you can password protect Internet Explorer natively, here is a way where you can password protect any application, including IE.


DeskLock is a good freeware utility to password protect applications and open applications using a hotkey. It will detect execution of your listed applications and prompt for a password before continuing.

One can also set hotkeys (eg. CTRL + SHIFT + 1) for most of the features used in the utility. Using a hotkey you can show/close/hide all the applications listed. You can also set a specific hotkey for the different applications, toggling the visibility of the application by pressing the hotkey. For instance, if the application is open then pressing the hotkey will hide it, if the application is closed/hidden then pressing the hotkey will show/run it.

You can also specify if you want to password-protect the application so that you can execute them without prompting for a password if you need it. The initial password is 2.

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