Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Windows Crystal XP 2008

Features :
All latest hotfixes integrated till this moment
More speed while browsing internet and network computers
New programs has been added with the latest versions
More useful registry tweaks
Faster connection speed has been unlocked
Annoying windows error message has been disabled
windows file protection has been disabled
New beautiful background wallpapers
New style icons and themes
Transparent Glass Aero
New boot screen and logon screen
and much more...

Includes some softwares like
Media Player 11
Flash player 9
Direct x9

Control panel addons :
1-Boot safe
2-Boot Vis
3-Clear Type Tuning
6-HD Tune
8-Mem Test
9-MS Autoplay Repair Wizard
10-MS Time Zone
11-MS Virtual cd-Rom
12-MS Config
13-Msi Cleanup Utility
14-Services and Devices
15-Startup Control Panel
17-User Accounts 2
18-Win Update List
and much more...

Download :

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