Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nokia Developer Conference 2009

Nokia the worlds most popular and largest mobile manufacturing company is organizing a Nokia Developer Conference 2009,with its call to mobile application developers.

With the increasing demand in for quality new things the Forum Nokia is set to go with Nokia Developer Conference 2009 on 20th January, 2009 at Trinity, Taj Residency, Bangalore.The idea behind this conference is to create a forum where the knowledge and creative concepts of developers from all over India will be bomarded,disscussed, and there will be a rise in the new idealogies and plans for the Mobile VAS industry .The whole event is to develop killer mobile applications .Develepor's creative programming talent for various mobile technologies, developers success stories will be some of the highlights in the Conference.

Many experts from the IT Industry will be representing their Industry Concepts and Idealogies with the new developers.It will be Work shop for the new developers.Where as its an open opppurtunity for developers wanting the seek of scope in this field.Many of the concepts like gaming console,Media,Live applications,Internet on mobile,Browsers,Customisation according from person to person,ease of acess while operation,will be the key points in the developers to know about it.

The developers need to attend these kind of Conferences because they need more contemporary knowledge on whats the future in their respective fields.There are lots of points to be discussed ,the scope of 3G mobiles and future applications kind of those will be some of the important topics to watch out.There will be a lot more to know on developments on the mobile applications,.

So dare you miss an oppurtunity like this.Go to the venue of the Forum Nokia Developer Conference 2009 on 20th January, 2009 at Trinity, Taj Residency, Bangalore.

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