Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's changed from Windows XP?

After you upgrade to Windows Vista and begin to explore, you might wonder where some of your old favorite features are, and how to perform the tasks you used to do in Windows XP. We've improved many features in Windows Vista and renamed a few programs to better reflect what they do. We’ve also moved some things around so they’ll be easier for you to use and find.

If you’re accustomed to Windows XP, this article will help make the transition to Windows Vista even easier for you.

What's new on the Start menu?

The information on the Start menu is organized more efficiently than in Windows XP, with an improved programs list and a new search feature to make it easier to find any program, folder, or file you're looking for, just by typing its first few letters. The Start menu is still the place to turn your computer off or log off, but there are also new buttons for locking your computer or putting it into a low-power state called sleep mode.

Picture of the Start menu

The redesigned Start menu provides greater ease of use

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