Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Windows 7 Theme for Windows XP

If you cannot wait anymore until the release of Windows 7 the Windows 7 theme for Windows XP might ease the pain of waiting another year or so until the new operating system is released to the public. The theme can be installed on any Windows XP version that has a patched uxtheme.dll file. If you do not know how to check or do that read the following article about uxtheme.dll that explains how to patch the file in Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Once the file is patched you can load user made themes and not only the official Microsoft themes. The Windows 7 theme was created by Deviant Art user deskmundo who has created some other excellent themes. The theme is based on the Milestone 1 release of Windows 7 and not on the version that was used for presentation at the D6 conference.

windows 7

I guess that the theme will be updated by Deskmundo soon to reflect the visible changes of the presentation version, for example a change of the start menu button.

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