Saturday, September 6, 2008

Microsoft Applauds Growing Windows Vista Adoption

Windows Vista sales have long jumped over the milestone of 180 million licenses offered in mid-2008 by Microsoft, and while failing to come out with a different figure, the Redmond giant revealed that the adoption rate of the latest Windows client is steadfast. Through the voice of Christopher Flores, director, Windows Communications, the software giant applauded what it referred to as growing Vista uptake, with an emphasis on the corporate environment.

"First, you've heard us say before that we've sold more than 180 million Windows Vista licenses (40 million of those in the last quarter alone) and that major enterprises like Continental Airlines, the United States Air Force, Virgin Megastores, Charter, Avanade, Eastman Chemical and PPG are deploying seats by the thousands (and in some cases by the tens of thousands). That's still true," Flores indicated.

Microsoft is little shy of parading corporate customers who have already made the jump to Windows Vista because of the ill aura that the operating system has as far as businesses are concerned, because of the platform's initial failure to gain a consistent traction with this consumer segment. After calling a previous Forrester report schizophrenic because it emphasized Vista's slow rate of adoption in the business space, Flores now praised another Forrester study claiming that between October 2007 and June 2008, the operating system's uptake has jumped over 70% from 5% to 8.8%.

Microsoft is investing heavily, a reported $300 million, in a new marketing campaign designed to virtually change the face of Windows Vista and to heal the platform's ailing public image. Flores even delivered data offered by Forrester involving client preferences for 50,000 OS, confirming that initial Vista deployment plans are in place. Based on the Forrester study, Microsoft's Director of Communications emphasized that Vista's growing adoption is driven by the need to keep up with support life cycles, to enhance productivity, security and management, and to pave the way for Windows 7.

"What about the guys on the ground who are selling, installing and implementing Windows Vista? Not surprisingly, they're seeing growing demand too. For example, CDW, one of the nation's largest technology resellers and system integrators, found in their third Windows Vista Tracking Poll that Windows Vista is "gaining traction" in the business market, with 48 percent of respondents saying their organization is using or evaluating Windows Vista. That compares with 29 percent in CDW's February 2007 poll," Flores added.

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